International Women's Day
To celebrate International Women's Day 2021, I wrote the script for this one-minute video (originally in Portuguese and translated to English for this page). I also selected all the footage from a stock website, edited the video and animated the logo (which I also designed). 
60 seconds  
Happy Holidays Message
This is a short motion graphic video for Capital Viagens to wish their clients a happy holiday. This was posted on their social media channels. I created it using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. 
15 seconds  
Travel Agent Day
This short video, created for Instagram, marks Travel Agent Day. The text reads: “April 22nd – Travel Agent Day. Making dreams possible.” The Taj Mahal footage is from a free stock video footage website. 
12 seconds – April 2020. 
Animation for Mother’s Day 
This video for Mother’s Day also has a reference for international travel, showing how mums are called around the world. The short video was published on Capital’s  Instagram and Facebook. 
15 seconds – May 2019 
Company Services Video
Created for Instagram and also to be used as a cover on the company’s Facebook page, this video features the services provided by Capital Viagens.
60 seconds – September 2017
Animation for International Women’s Day 
This was created especially for travel agencies’ Instagram and Facebook. It is a short animation celebrating International Women’s Day in 2019.
18 seconds
American Airlines Top Ten
I created this short animated video for the company’s Facebook Page cover, celebrating the winning of another American Airlines Award. From the airplane to the clouds in the sky, everything was animated using Adobe After Effects.  This video contains no audio.
25 seconds - 2018
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