I was excited to be assigned to work on this project for two reasons; I enjoy designing prospectuses, catalogues and reports; and when I lived in Dublin, I enjoyed observing the stunning clock tower every time I passed by Rathmines on the 15A bus.  
The new prospectus for Rathmines College has over forty pages of well-detailed information about all their courses and the institution. 
I worked from concept to finish. One of the first steps was to create a cover that would stand out and display all the names of the course subjects, a request by the customer. Clearly, their iconic building would have to be featured on the cover, and then I came up with the idea of displaying the text information in circles, like the face of a clock. That concept was used in other materials that I designed for the college. 
I respected their brand guidelines, though I had to develop a new colour system to identify the subjects of the courses, to improve the usability of the prospectus. 
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