This project was my first assignment in the Full Stack Developer course at Code Institute. I built a responsive website using only HTML and CSS for a fictional company that offers guided hikes in the West of Ireland.
For this project, the site must include a minimum of three pages and meets the pass criteria set by Code Institute. For the project, we were allowed to come up with our own ideas, and I chose to create a company called Trails West. The company is managed in County Kerry and offers guided hikes in the West of Ireland. We arrange accommodations, transportation, and rent outdoor gear, as well as provide snacks or meals for the trails. Our hike/tour guides are selected contractors based in the counties of the West of Ireland.
To create the site, I researched some competitor websites and sketched some flow diagrams and mock-ups on paper to imagine the user experience. I then used Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD to design the logo and pages, using images from and, a site of which I'm a part.
The site was coded in HTML and CSS using VSCode, GitHub, and GitPod, without using any framework. Testing was a critical part of the project, with a focus on accessibility and speed criteria. I detailed the testing processes and results in the README file.
I achieved a merit grade on this first project, which was great since I had never built a hard-coded site before. My previous experience making a website was only with WordPress. Although there's much room for improvement, the site is a realistic mock-up of what could be a more significant project.
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