For the second consecutive year, I was tasked with designing the annual report for the Women’s & Children’s Managed Clinical & Academic Network within the Saolta University Healthcare Group.
This comprehensive report meticulously details the clinical activities associated with Women’s and Children’s Services across the Saolta University Health Care Hospital Group. Spanning five hospital sites—Galway University Hospital, Letterkenny University Hospital, Mayo University Hospital, Portiuncula University Hospital, and Sligo University Hospital—the report encompasses clinical activities in Maternity Services, Gynaecology, Paediatrics (both general and subspecialty areas), and Neonatology.
The design approach prioritised clarity, ease of navigation, and visual appeal, aiming to effectively showcase the significance of the teams' work across these five hospitals.
I developed a distinct colour code for each hospital to enhance clarity and distinguish between hospital-specific data, facilitating easy identification within the charts and select tables. Complementary colours were derived from the Saolta brand guidelines to maintain consistency throughout the report.
Additionally, I structured an interactive table of contents for the web version of the report, allowing seamless navigation. Furthermore, a prominent box placed at the top outer corner of the pages signals the commencement of each chapter, aiding readers in locating specific sections efficiently.
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