In early 2023, I undertook the exciting task of designing a prospectus for Whitehall College in Dublin. The college provided me with the necessary information to be incorporated into the brochure and specified that it should have a square format. This requirement prompted me to conceptualise a fresh design specifically for this prospectus.
To commence the design process, I drew inspiration from the college's logo symbol, which features seven squares with distinct colours and rounded corners. Leveraging this logo element, I employed rounded corner squares throughout the brochure to establish a cohesive connection with the college's brand identity.
For the cover design, a grid layout adorned with vibrant photographs of young individuals represents the diverse student body. Additionally, I listed all the departments within the college, employing distinct colours to underline each one. This colour scheme was consistently utilised throughout the brochure, enabling easy identification of the various departments. The index page especially highlights this colour coding system, facilitating effortless navigation for readers.
To infuse a touch of playfulness and modernity into the design while maintaining optimal legibility, I rotated the course titles and page numbers by 90 degrees, resulting in a dynamic and contemporary layout that captures attention without sacrificing readability.
I dedicated the final pages to information on public transportation and a personalised map showcasing the college's location.
By employing a strategic design approach that emphasised the college's brand elements, colour consistency, innovative layout choices, and practical information presentation, I successfully crafted a visually appealing and informative prospectus that showcases Whitehall College in its best light.
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